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-> Why images ( landscapes / weddings / portraits ) are in low resolution on the site? They give the impression of being of average quality or sometimes even a little blurred :-(

You are currently looking at my website where you have just visited it and you ask yourself " Why did he put his landscape pictures in low resolution? It looks like they are not sharp or are of average quality :-( "

The explanation is simple ... Previously, my photos were in high resolution on my website, in HD quality and without reducing the size of the image, there was just my signature on the bottom right.
But one day ... A person made a screenshot or recorded one of my pictures taken in Arras in the Hauts de France, an image of the splendid belfry reflected in a pretty puddle and this dishonest person s' is made in a photo lab asking for an enlargement of it.
The manager of the lab had not yet seen this picture that I had just published on social networks so she could not know that it was one of my photos and the enlargement came out with a very good quality... That said, it is a lab with whom I work, a shame because because of this the manager, after printing the image, finally quickly recognized my work !

Then I also heard once or twice people say that some companies take pictures on the internet to create posters etc but without warning the author of the shot or pay the photo or ask permission to use it.

I would not like to see pictures stolen from me, be it pictures of Arras or the Hauts de France or the Opal Coast or the Eiffel Tower in Paris or St Malo in Brittany or even from Corsica or photos taken in Iceland !! In short it displeases me so much to know people can do such an act without scruple!

Anyway, to say that now :

- I reduce the resolution from 300 to 75 Dpi (enough for our computer screens and smartphones).
- I reduce the quality to 75%.
- I resize the images in 1500x1000 pixels instead of 5760x3840 (old cameras CANON 5d Mk3) and instead of 6720x4480 (new camera Canon 5d Mk4).

You must know that being stolen an image for which we have either spent time to do it, or galley to achieve, or wait for hours to have what we wanted and other adventures and well it's really weird as sensation !! We do not feel respected and yet, whatever the field, it is important to respect the work of everyone! Photography takes an incredible number of hours you do not even imagine, so respect the images and their authors.
I found all the more just this sentence that told me a person some time ago now: "it is essential to protect its know-how".

The advantage is that receiving the order of your landscape photo you have chosen you can appreciate the sharpness and incomparable details;) !!

If you have questions, suggestions or others, do not hesitate to write to me via the tab "CONTACT" ;)

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Looking forward :)
Willy LABOULLE Photographer