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Story of my road trip photos in Brittany in 2018

NO !!! Brittany again, but why still travel to this region?
Two reasons, the first is that many times I did not have the weather that I wanted for some pictures so I want a new chance and the second reason is that I love this area a lot !!! Ah and then in addition I chose these dates because there are big tides;)
I gather my stuff, clothes, my tripod GENESIS, my filters NISI, my Canon 5d Mk4 and my optics, everything is ready in my bag THINKTANK there is more than to leave for this road trip !!


In this first day of road trip photos I arrive at Quiberon in the Morbihan after making a nice road.
At the time when I arrive, it is necessary to go sleepily in order to be in good shape for tomorrow !!
The hotel "LA PETITE SIRENE" is really very pretty, the welcome is nice and the room nice, quickly a good night's sleep and I find you tomorrow where in principle the weather forecast for the moment a beautiful day of clearings .


Wake up, change of program, I hear through the window and the curtains that the wind blows rather intensely, not bad I love it !!
I open the curtains, I did not see on the sea but actually the trees move a lot, it's a good sign!
I take a quick shower and then hop off !

I go out of the hotel and there actually by putting the business in the car I see that the sea is pissed off, the swell is important but with this wind it will be difficult to take pictures in long exposure mode :-( !!!

I realize my first photos by walking on the wild coast of the peninsula of Quiberon on the side of the Casino.
In less than an hour I received three beautiful intense rain showers !! I'm soggy but I love, it promises a hectic day ^^!
I am now walking on the central beach of Quiberon where I take photos of the sea, the lighthouse and reflections thanks to the sea that goes down, revealing a nice natural mirror with the thin layer of water.

I leave very quickly warm in the car because I want to go see the arch of Port Blanc but on the road I can not resist to stop at some places of the wild coast like Port Maria, the Castle Turpault or Port Kehau, Port Kerne, Port Bara for example ..
I arrive now at Porz Guern (Port Blanc) where there is a beautiful natural arch at the seaside, I have never seen so I'm like that excited to discover it!

I park on a nearby car park that can also take me to the Pointe du Percho, I go down on the beach of Port Blanc and I do not see the arch yet but the wind is intensifying it is impressive, the scum flies in all directions, either in the air or rolling at full speed on the sand it's crazy, you could say it's a storm of foam;) !!
I always have a little restraint in this kind of moments for my camera, although it is tropicalized. It must be said that I was especially afraid for the sensor of my CANON 5d Mark IV.

I walk around rock dotting the sand and then along the beach I find myself at the level of this arch, it is grandiose and majestic! Nature is crazy, it's amazing what it can create!
However, so much wind that I can not even put the tripod to make pictures in long poses and yet I have a very stable tripod in the wind and I tried a lot of tricks to divert the problem wind but impossible !! I then learned that there were winds at 115km / h so I understand better why I could not install my tripod quietly ... So I made waves, the ark and the foam which flew or accumulated near the rocks ... Suddenly a slight lull of wind, quickly I put my tripod and I can finally make some photos in long exposure mode with filter ND (NISI) but the wind resumes of more beautiful so the joy was of short time ;)
This is the game, I chose to come to Brittany during high tide I had a chance on two, it could have been the flat calm as quite the opposite ..
Sincerely for the photos I wanted I would have preferred the calm in Quiberon and the windstorm in St Malo but if we could control the weather it would be;)

But I leave Port Blanc with invigorating images of a nature in good shape and I also love these atmospheres even if it is not that I came to search at the base.

I take the coastal road to return to the Château Turpault where I took pictures of the foam that flies!
Here is still different, between two huge rocks a kind of corridor is used for the accumulation of foam, it looks frankly a river of foam, finally a stream of foam is crazy this phenomenon !

I now go to "Beg ar Goalennec" next to the bar "Le Vivier" where I tell myself that the wind is much stronger than in the morning it was to give an atmosphere of madness on the swell!
Actually I take a pure pleasure in photography to make images of beautiful waves that come to bump on the rocks and the coast is impressive, there were even two or three waves of a rare power, it was like walls water really angry!
These few waves are faster than others and swell by coming absorb other waves and in the end I have the impression that in one wave there are three or four brief I love this moment of madness! !
Well, I have a lot of trouble leaving this place;) !!!

I admire the sea, finally the Atlantic Ocean which eventually calm down gradually and I decided very slowly to go to Finistere to reach the Pointe du Raz and go to sleep in Cléden Cap-Sizun at the hotel "Rooms from the city of Ys ".
I arrive very close to the hotel but before going I want to go locate the lighthouse Tévennec I had not seen well last November.
Now that it is done, place to sleep in this hotel where the home is really family and very very nice !!!

In the program for me, big dodo .. But during this time I invite you to view the photos of Quiberon by clicking on the following link : My pictures of landscapes


It's after a good night's sleep and a good shower that I'm about to go take pictures of Pointe du Raz in Plogoff !

The advantage, as last November, is that in March there are very few people :) !

No blue sky but a gray sky rather dull for my photos of the lighthouse of the Old and the lighthouse of Tévennec but before leaving the clouds gave a little character which allowed me to still make nice photos!
I am now going to the Baie des Trépassés to try to make some pictures of the Tévennec lighthouse .. I admit that this is where I wanted to see the storm forming and have waves that pass over this lighthouse mythical and mysterious but no it was not the case !! On the other hand, a little blue sky appears which allows to have more nuanced photos between thunderstorms and clouds it is prettier !!!

I now head to the Bay of Douarnenez to see the Lighthouse Millier.
I'm there and sincerely I thought it was easy to access but in fact no you have to walk a small serpentine path so it takes time to get to the end and then finally access is forbidden even if it seems easy to brave this one.
There was not much wind so I could use a little my Genesis tripod and my NISI polarizer and ND filters, a real treat on the Canon 5d Mk4 !!

The lighthouse of the Millier is a step on my way to take a break so I leave quite quickly towards Brignogan beach to see the lighthouse Pontusval I had seen last November and that did not leave me indifferent to high tide at sunset.
I arrive on the spot at low tide and I am impressed by the amount of big and small rocks visible while at high tide in November 2017 I did not see any and with the configuration of the beach it is difficult to imagine that there are so many !! This place is really beautiful to take pictures, VIVE BREIZH! LONG LIVE FRANCE ! FRANCE IS BEAUTIFUL !!

I take the road because I have an appointment with a lighthouse that I like a lot because it is very aesthetic but I never have a chance with the weather there! This is the lighthouse of Petit Minou in Plouzané near Brest!

This place is always beautiful in my eyes, I always meet nice people with whom to discuss and in addition this time the weather at sunset is not bad at all, I am very happy to be able to admire this place, I hope the images will please you.

I planned to go to Le Conquet to admire the lighthouse Kermorvan but finally I leave a little later than planned Plouzané and especially on the tip of Kermorvan I forgot that we had to walk a little while before to go to the lighthouse however I went there already when I went to Ouessant, the incredible and unforgettable island of Ouessant!
With these delays I arrive at the moment when the night is already installed, so I only made a few pictures because then I have the road to reach St Malo !!

So I take the road to the Ille et Vilaine to join the "Ambassadors Hotel" where the welcome is nice despite the late hour of my arrival. The room is very classy!
The hotel also has a roof terrace where it is possible to access to see a part of Saint Malo from up there and as tomorrow are the big tides and they announce wind it will give a great program! !

Good night to you ... Instead of counting the sheep to fall asleep I invite you to view the photos of the Pointe du Raz, Brignogan-beach, the lighthouse of Petit Minou and Conquet by clicking on the following link : My photos of Brittany


Wake up, it's weird but I do not feel this impression of wind outside as I could have Quiberon the first morning!

I check through the window that gives side street and the furrow looks quite calm !! Weird!
I shower quickly, collect my stuff, go out on the roof terrace of the hotel and there I do not believe, NO WIND OF ALL !! REALLY NO !!

I take the camera, I realize some shots at Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L II USM but the sea looks like a lake, flat calm, I admit that there I am disappointed !! I've already seen the waves with a bit of wind come banging strongly against the dike but I wanted to see the same show with the phenomenon of high tides it would have been extraordinary!
I make some pictures and then I decide to leave the city to go to Etretat and shorten the program to go back early to see my little family !!

I invite you to view the photos of St Malo made over several years by clicking on the following link : My pictures of Saint Malo

I take the road, Normandy being on the road I decided to make a small stop, I arrive in Etretat and there as often the resort is very touristy it is very difficult to park!

The sky is once again gray and dull, no relief, no character, no thinning, no stormy atmosphere, too bad!
I decided to take some pictures of the cliffs and the beach before leaving and going home.

Time for the road, I invite you to view the photos of Etretat and Normandy by clicking on the following link : My photos of Etretat

These areas are really pretty, I love them very much, they are close to my heart but to have the weather that I wish exactly it is not obvious so I will return it for sure!

Finally, I will end with an information, indeed, as you often ask me, I allow you to clarify that yes the photos you see are actually available for sale. Think about decorating your home, office, waiting room, business or pleasure to a loved one;)
Contact me via the "CONTACT" tab of my website to get the price of enlargements on canvases or posters framed or to supervise, American box, etc.

Returning home the children are surprised to see me back in the afternoon instead of the night so I am greeted with lots of cuddles on the floor and fun and tickling !!
Thank you darling to let me go 1 or 2 times a year to achieve this kind of roadtrip photos!

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See you soon for a new photo trip :) !! But where will I go ..... Italy .... Norway .... Iceland (Iceland) .... USA ....