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Story of my new road trip photos in Brittany November 2017

Why again a trip to Brittany will you tell me ??
In fact, it was not planned but I wanted to buy a Dacia Duster and then looking for what I wanted the three most interesting offers were in the South East, South West and Brittany.
When I received photos of the South East near Marseille it was full of scratches and the South West did not have the old maintenance bills so I did not pursue the case and headed to that of Brittany because more in the regions outside of mine this vehicle, with same finish, mileage, etc. is sold much cheaper.

Before departure I was able to program a small road trip photos :) !!
In addition, this is the first time I will use my new Canon 5d Mk4 on a real photo output and with my NISI filters it is even more motivating !!!!!!


Here I am going to Arras to take the train (TGV) to Morlaix.
I meet the person for the purchase of the Duster (test, check papers, etc etc) and then here I am driving the Duster.
This vehicle will be very practical to go in the paths to make pictures of sunsets or especially photos of thunderstorms without fear of being stuck !!!
The first place I go to see is Louet Island with Tahiti Beach just off the beach, yes you read that correctly;)

The lighthouse on Louet Island in Carantec is a beautiful home just beautiful to take photos!

I am now heading to the tip of Perarhidy .. I park not far from there and walk a little before arriving on a path that leads to the beach!
I hallucinate, the sand is so fine and so white, we are not in Finistere it's impossible ... And yet SI!
It's really beautiful, there is a nice view of Roscoff and the island of Batz with beautiful lighthouses!

After making some pictures, I admire and I touch this sand that really surprises me and then I take the road to Brignogan beach to see the lighthouse Pontusval!

I had planned to get there sooner but as the train was late and I talked a little with the former owner of the Duster I do not have the height of tide I had planned but finally I am admiring! The lighthouse of Pontusval is sublime, the few rocks that I see at high tide are very beautiful and finally I enjoy a sublime sunset with a sky of fire and totally incredible golden reflections on the edge of the water !!
It was a really nice moment !!!

I invite you to view the photos of Louet Island, Perarhidy, Brignogan-plage by clicking on the following link: My photos of Brittany


When I wake up I go directly to Plouzané near Brest at the Lighthouse of Petit Minou because I like this place that I have already seen despite a very strong rain at the first time ...
This morning on the menu, intense haze, I really have no luck!
I was able to make some photos with the mist that reflect a particular atmosphere and I like these moments but I wanted another weather for the style of photos I wanted to do.
I wait two good hours, I meet tourists and photographers (as Hubert Jehl) with whom I discuss what still has a good time ... The sky still does not rise, I want to all the photo I wanted to achieve but what to do I'm wasting time on the places I wanted to see ....

I go for a walk and some photos on the coastal path and the sand of the beach where I saw some beginner surfers who seemed to have fun !!

I come back to the lighthouse, it's been 3 hours that I'm here and still as much haze, what to do ...? I decided to try everything for the whole, to go see the other places and come back anyway here at the end of the day despite the trip!

So I go to Pointe du Raz where I find a great advantage to go in the middle of November, the parking is almost empty, so there is almost no one!
Indeed along the path leading to the semaphore and the view of the Pointe du Raz and the lighthouses of La Vieille and Tévennec I only crossed two people! All the better;)!

One disappointing thing, the sky is gray but really dull, rather pale gray, in short everything I do not like, neither blue, nor clouds full of characters :-( !!

I'm now going to Pointe St Mathieu in Plougonvelin because it's a place I've already seen in the rain and I find this place really magical!

The sky is pretty it's a good point but the sea is not rough so I can not have the photos that I really wanted, we can not have .. It's already not bad!
I go back to Plouzané to see the lighthouse of Petit Minou and enjoy the sunset lights hoping that the weather is correct ;) !!

The sun is hidden by clouds and few colors unfortunately :-( My Canon 5d Mark IV has almost dropped about 10 meters high but more than afraid of harm I caught up with the thong !! Finally, it's still a great time so I hope you'll like the pictures;)!
In addition I met a very nice photography enthusiast, Sebastien Clairen who is very nice, we talked well and spent a long time to hope that our images are pretty !!

I invite you to view the photos of the Petit Minou lighthouse, the Pointe du Raz, the lighthouses of La Vieille and Tévennec or the Pointe Saint Mathieu by clicking on the following link : My pictures of landscapes

This weekend was another pleasant moment lived thanks to Brittany !!! What happiness this region !! It was still a truly superb trip !

Finally, I will end with information, in fact, as you ask me regularly, I would like to clarify that yes the photos you see are actually available for sale. Think about decorating your home, office, waiting room, business or pleasure to a loved one;)
Contact me via the "CONTACT" tab of my website (or email / phone) to get the price of enlargements on canvases or posters framed or to supervise, American box, etc.

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See you soon for new photographic adventures ;) !!