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Short stories of photos taken in Saint Malo in 2017 during family holidays

Saint Malo I love this city !!!
This year we went with family, what a pleasure to make a trip to a place we love with the people we love!

Good on the other hand we were not lucky because we stayed 2 weeks and we had only two days of good weather and 2 days passable ... The rest of the time we had only the wind and the heavy rain, difficult to go out with children who like to be outdoors ..

The second day there was a very powerful storm, I went to the Pointe de la Varde to do some photos and I met Alexis Saubois, Photographer on St Malo with whom we laughed and exchanged under the same storms if after the rain forced us to leave ... But we stay in touch via Facebook and I think we'll see each other again;)

We have been with the family at the Grand Aquarium of St. Malo and we have done many walks.

When the weather was good we were on the various beaches of St Malo, the beach of Sablons, Rochebonne and Bon Secours with the lovely seawater pool!

We were able to walk on the ramparts, admire the cannons, the fortifications and visit the fortified city full of pretty streets.

The days of high tides I wanted to take photos but no luck there was very little wind so very few spectacular waves, a shame because the spectacle of nature and waves that hit the dyke is impressive to see when there is wind!

We walked several times around the Pointe de la Varde and the Corniche d'Aleth which are really nice walks to do with the family and also to take pictures.

You can see the pictures here -> My pictures of landscapes

We went for a walk to Mont St Michel where I took some pictures but too many visitors to make the pictures I wanted.

I had the chance to make a trip in a microlight to admire the emerald coast from Dinard to go to the dam of the Rance, Dol de Bretagne, the bay of Mont Saint Michel then return to Cherrueix, Le Vivier on sea, Hirel, Saint Benoit des Ondes, Cancale, Saint Coulomb. I also passed over Saint Malo by Rothéneuf, the Sillon, the National Fort, Les Sablons then direction Cap Fréhel, Erquy, Plénauf Val André and finally back on the Dinard Pleurtuit airport. It was frankly very nice and I was able to make lots of photos and I learned a lot from the comments of a passionate pilot, Gilbert Boqueho of EMERAUDE AVIATION, 747-400 retired Air France captain ( more than 20,000 hours).

I get off the plane and discuss with the pilot and to make you wait I invite you to look at the pictures taken in the air that day by clicking here -> The images of the Emerald Coast seen from the sky of Dinard at Mont Saint Michel via Saint Malo and Cap Frehel

Returning from this flight I stopped buying chocolate breads and croissants for children because it was tea time and there eating I was attacked by a gull that scratched my shoulder!

I could not photograph any sunset in St Malo so the weather was not favorable !!
There were two visible sunsets but the first was stuck by the gates of the bridge which were closed to traffic because the boats came back to port and the second we were on a family outing outside St Malo and even at the restaurant more precisely.

Most of the time the sky was very gray and without any character or relief !! In order to have photos with a prettiest sky I went out three times at sunrise so it does not bother the family day! I was able to do a few more photos on these moments against very few long poses because too much wind!

I invite you to view the photos of St Malo (and other places in Brittany) by clicking on the following link: My photos of Saint Malo

We also went for a walk in Cancale where I made some pictures at low tide with the boats that seem like stuck in the mud !!

Too bad there was not just a little blue sky because I could enjoy the colors of this water that turns turquoise and houses that light up naturally!

During our stay, I went to Mont St Michel in the middle of the night before sunrise !!! I wanted to capture the luminous moods of the sunrise at low tide around the Mount ..
The evening before they announce the thunderstorms I told myself that it would be perfect because there would be clouds with between two sunlight ..
So here I am woken up at 3:55 in the morning, left without making a noise a little before 4:30 .. I arrive at Mont St Michel at 5:15, I park and then I walk 40-45 minutes in the complete black because no bus to this hour !!!

At the edge of the Mont I bypass walking in the mud, I crossed 2 jellyfish stranded because of the tide and I almost fell several times because the mud slides very hard and with the material on the back this n ' is not obvious !! There is 1 or 2 centimeters of water because the tide is low.
I place my tripod and there is happiness that I hear nothing around me except the water that flows with the tide as if nature had created thousands of channels a few centimeters wide in the sand and mud .

I wait for the sunrise time to approach except that I do not see the possibility for the sun to pass through the clouds and indeed even 30 minutes after sunrise the sky is always gray so after doing some clichés I decide to leave because the sea begins to rise and in the bay of Mont Saint Michel this tide phenomenon can quickly become very dangerous.

So I head for the road and slide several more times ... Moreover, arriving at about 30 meters from the junction between the mud and the asphalt road I see an Asian man with a camera, he looks at me and I see in his face that he wants to come walk in the vase to make some photos and going further I see him hesitates he puts a foot in the mud then slips and finally turned around.

I leave without the images that I wanted but happy to have shared a moment of silence in nature!

I invite you to view the photos of Mont St Michel by clicking on the following link: My photos of Mont St Michel in Normandy

We also made a trip to the Côte de Granit Rose in Ploumanac'h which is a village in the commune of Perros Guirec in the Côtes d'Armor.

This pretty little corner has many wild rocks and a nice lighthouse atypical style, MEN RUZ overlooking the bay.
The sea is a little hectic so I could take pleasure to make some pictures!

I invite you to view the photos of Ploumanac'h near Perros-Guirec by clicking on the following link: Photos of Ploumanach

Finally, I will end with an information, indeed, as you often ask me, I allow you to clarify that yes the photos you see are actually available for sale. Think about decorating your home, office, waiting room, business or pleasure to a loved one;)
Contact me via the "CONTACT" tab of my website (or email / phone) to get the price of enlargements on canvases or posters framed or to supervise, American box, etc.

After this family holiday I confirm to myself once again that Brittany is a perfect place to admire the nature or for family holidays !!!!

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See you soon for new photographic adventures solo or with family ;)