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Story of my RoadTrip photos between Aquitaine and Normandy via Brittany (April 2016)


Why would you have this idea tell me ... I can answer you that just go once to understand ;)
Indeed, a few years ago, I love the beautiful wild landscapes, waves etc I went a little below Bordeaux to buy a used car .. I thought it was an opportunity or never go for a stroll on the coasts of Aquitaine!
It's so beautiful that the following year we rented a holiday apartment in Hossegor ... A year after the holidays in the Landes we rented an apartment of my EC which is located in St Malo and the charm also immediately operated, these corners of France are now in my heart and I think I'll never get tired!
Now that I practice photography I decided to go back to do a ride exclusively dedicated to the photo and I will surely return again by the way;) !!!

D-3 before departure

A few days before leaving, here I am looking at my checklist (materials, business etc) to verify that nothing will be missed at the last minute.


The day before departure I prepare the suitcases, the equipment. I remove the rear seats of our Volkswagen Touran and then I install a mattress for children with sleeping bag to sleep a little anyway, a suitcase of clothes and toilet business, a small suitcase of equipment and then a suitcase of easy food to keep for the morning and other times (buns, milk, water, fruit salads, cakes and some sweets you never know ^^).
So I have just created a "universe" that will be mine for a week.

Last evening with the family before leaving ...
I thank my darling for letting me go to do what I love so much, THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF LANDSCAPES !!


After a little sleep, here I am woken at 2am for the departure .. Small shower, loading of business etc and then IT'S PART !!
First destination: BIARRITZ in the Pyrénées Atlantiques !!
1,000kms ... The road goes well, a few stops of 5-10 minutes, 1 nap stop of 30 minutes and then a small dodo of 2 hours on a highway area which allowed me to check the "comfort" from my "bed", huuuummmm medium way I will say!
16: 30-17h Biarritz here Biarritz .. At first sight, pretty golden sand mixed with beautiful rocks wild but the weather is gloomy .. I like the gloomy weather for photos but rather when the sky shows a certain character or when the clouds are moving, that was not the case at all, gray sky all flat and heavy rain continuously! The time to find a parking space (not easy in Biarritz !!!) and I leave the car happy like a kid at Christmas despite the active rain that flows on me :-( !!
Question ... I take the camera or I just do a tracking ... In short I'm a little indecisive but it does not last ...... Should be crazy, of course I take the camera! If the weather clears a little I do not want to miss the opportunity!
But fffffffffffffffff THE RAIN IS REALLY INCENSE AND STRONG FOR 2 HOURS !!!!!!! Very few places safe to make beautiful pictures so I did what I could at first. Then I dried myself and I "hung" my clothes in the car so that they dry ..
The weather clears a little, I go back to take photos with a sky, finally, a little tormented :) but the night falls quickly and the road having tired me I decided to eat something fast in the car, then find a place to sleep for a big sleep to be in shape the days to come;)

After a ride in this beautiful city, I decided to park myself in front of a luxurious residence near the lighthouse of Biarritz, telling me that I will be safer in my car near these standings apartments rather than in the middle of the fields. I park, I make myself discreet to prepare me to sleep when suddenly the alarm of the car resounds, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr it is too noisy in the middle of this quiet place!
In short, if an inhabitant calls the Gendarmerie I'm cooking ^^ !!
Here I am immersed, with the light of the phone, in the user guide of the car to find how to activate / deactivate the alarm quickly!
Of course meanwhile the car closes and the alarm rings again! I decide to stay there all the same.
I managed to fall asleep without neighbors nor gendarmerie :) !!

I invite you to view the photos of Biarritz by clicking on the following link:  Pictures of Biarritz Aquitaine


After a short night, 6:30 mat 'hop standing, buns, milk and small quick toilet for some pictures of the sunrise, uh without sun elsewhere! I leave the car with, like the majority of people who have just woken up, a huge desire to pi ... to urinate of course!
This is an emergency, I decided to walk a little on the paths around the lighthouse to find public toilets or at worst a corner to shelter .. Well I was under the trees ^^
Coming out of this place, a biarritz comes to meet me, say hello and we discuss the weather sullen and windy this morning, I explain that I come from Arras, that I made the road yesterday and then go back by the West stopping at various places to take photos and there that he announces to me ......... .. THAT I HAVE NO CHANCE FOR THERE WAS NO RAIN SINCE 1 MONTH AND HALFrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!
We talk about the high tides, the living environment in Biarritz, the storm that had raged 2 years ago and which unfortunately had won a couple ... The time comes off a little I take advantage of some beautiful lights to make some shots ....

I decide to eat a little pizza near the lighthouse, a very nice moment!

Then Hossegor direction and its central beach, golden sand and powerful waves unforgettable! The central .. La Gravière .. Waves well known surfer !!!!!
This is the third time I come to Hossegor and I have the same thrill that is difficult to explain .. Indeed, down the car, behind the dunes, without seeing the sea we hear the impressive noise What do waves do when falling on the sand and each time it takes my guts!
Blue sky, some little clouds more or less bland but no rain = Neither one nor two I take my backpack and go for some pictures of waves!
At Hossegor, the waves are formed into beautiful, compact rollers and can be up to about 5 meters high if the onshore wind rises, they can often be 3 meters high and sometimes even at the edge there are waves of 2 meters and in all cases these waves are full of strength, it is not for nothing that Soort-Hossegor is the French capital of SURF!

The wind was present but not enough to raise the waves to the highest, I would have liked to see the wave North but no ... I still was impressed by beautiful natural tubes from 2 to 3 meters high ! It's really something to see!
The central beach is always so nice, its golden sand is so special and captivating !! The La Gravière wave still as powerful as a big washing machine in action !!! Long live the Landes, long live Aquitaine!
Positive afternoon overall, small caveats, work on the beach with cranes, scaffolding on the seaside facades so I could not have all the plans I wanted and then no surfer to photograph and this lack of wind, maybe because of that there were no boards and no board placed on the sand!

I invite you to view the photos of Hossegor (mainly waves) by clicking on the following link:  Pictures of Hossegor Landes Aquitaine

Well, it's with lots of rolls landais in the head that I go to two other destinations for tonight, the Dune of Pilat and Bordeaux :) !!
Hop hop hop before that, will have to think about washing ^ ^ but if, a real shower! I grabbed the phone and search on Google Maps the nearest campsite ... I go and the person allows me to take a quick shower for 5 €: THANK YOU !!
Go for the Dune of Pilat even if I'm a little late for what I planned to do there, namely the sunset on the largest dune in Europe! I arrive on site, I hurry to climb the dune .. Here I am at the top and breathless but with a breathtaking view despite the sun had just passed under the horizon.
So I realized some shots of the orange and pink atmosphere of the sky that was proposed to me while admiring this place so fascinating! The sandbanks, the Arcachon basin, the forest behind, the dune as far as the eye can see, in short waaaaoowww, second time I go there, always amazed !! Next time I'll spend more time!

I invite you to view the photos of the Dune of Pilat by clicking on the following link ... There are few but I will return sooner or later;): -paysages.html

After the Dune du Pilat I go back to Bordeaux for some night shots to make in long poses with my friend the tripod.
23h here I am on the spot, it is very difficult to find a place close to the Place de la Bourse, I go directly to this place to photograph it, it is 23:55, I install my tripod, I screw the camera on and there was no time to really prepare the right setting that a totally drunk guy comes to talk to me ... "Do you why pictures of pictures? Journalist you esss? Take rather me in Cadraïc or traits" etc etcccc so j Forget it, in short, all in a French language with 2g of alcohol per letter expired ^^ I let you imagine!
Finally I'm not interested anymore it goes away suddenly and I turn around I take a picture, I adjust the setting and there patatras lighting monuments and the Place de la Bourse go out! !!! Grrrrrrr Sniiifffffffff :-( !!!
I wanted to do more photos in Bordeaux but finally discouraged by the extinction of the lights and the 550kms that I had to do to reach southern Brittany I decided to play a part of the road tonight, a little sleep and the rest of the road early tomorrow morning.
I have not eaten yet so I go quickly to Mc Do, convenient and fast even if not at all dietary!

I take the car, leave Bordeaux but "I will be back";)!
I drive via the highway and decide to stop after 350kms to sleep quietly on a highway area.


Wake up, chocolate breads, croissants, chocolate milk and here I am again on the road .. Arriving near Quiberon I headed to a municipal pool ... To go wash, uh not swim of course ...
So I swam at least 2 lengths to then take a real shower after this crazy effort in the morning;);) !!!

After 30 minutes drive here I am in Quiberon, hello Brittany, hello Morbihan, hello beautiful wild coast!
I discovered this peninsula by coming to buy a car in 2008 in this region, in Vannes more exactly, and I immediately cracked, how not to love this region ... !!!!

I park near the beach and again it's raining ... Fortunately Brittany is sublime, even in the rain :) and usually in a day of bad weather there are several types of weather;)

I planned to rent a bike but finally no I see in the distance the "thunderstorms" come back so I decided to go for a walk, after an hour of walk I am well tempered but the heavy rain s' stop, I take some pictures where the wind takes me, first left towards the tip of Conguel and Port Haliguen then follows a long walk photos to walk to the wild coast passing near the Casino, the beach, Port Maria, Castle Turpault Port Keme etc, what a treat !! Too bad the sea is high and quite hectic because I could not go down to 2-3 places that I wanted to observe and take pictures but I will come back;)!
In 4 hours of time around the wild coast of the peninsula of Quiberon I had rain, cleared, strong wind and rain, must say that it invigorates !!!!!

I invite you to view the photos of Quiberon by clicking on the following link:  My photos of Brittany

I take the car to head a little higher in Brittany direction Finistere for a stage still totally unknown to me and that I look forward to! This is the island of Ouessant but before that small passage through pretty places like the Pointe Saint Mathieu Plougonvelin, the Lighthouse of Petit Minou Plouzané near Brest but all in the pouring rain unfortunately. I really have no luck!
I decided to join Le Conquet, a town where one of the ports of departure for Ouessant is to sleep a little before taking the boat tomorrow.
I'm getting ready to sleep again in the car in front of a Renault garage where I fall asleep very quickly, very tired of the rain and the wind that I had all day long.

I invite you to view the photos of Pointe Saint Mathieu, the lighthouse of Petit Minou by clicking on the following link: My pictures of Bretagne


The alarm rings in the early morning, I gather the important business in my suitcase and then I go to the port of Conquet to take the boat Ouessant the beautiful islander.
I chose to go for two days which means to sleep for once at the hotel because you can not get a car as you want and I chose these dates because there are big coefficients of tides expected I told myself that it would be nice for the photos to have a rough sea! Finally, if there is wind ..

I settle on the boat of the nice company PENN AR BED, the FROMVEUR II, beautiful and big Breton ship, with the choice to go inside or stay on the benches at the back to admire the landscape.
I chose the outside to enjoy the sea air, the view etc.

The crossing lasts 1h15 and promises to be nice except in the Iroise Sea with a tidal coefficient of 117 and winds to plus or minus 80km / h the word "pleasant" takes a completely different sense! Shortly after the exit of the port it shakes already quite a lot.
Then comes the FROMVEUR which is one of the most powerful marine currents in the world and where many boats have been stranded and suddenly the boat becomes a real thrill ride, it stings almost vertically forward and when the bow bangs in the waves and well they pass over the boat and come crashing on the boat and we spray, we flood, we bang then the other way when the bow goes up vertically like a plane taking off !! This is madness, almost all passengers are sick, I will not escape either and during this time the crew staff gently distributes small bags to everyone ..

The Fromveur pass is located between the Molène archipelago and the island of Ouessant, north of the Iroise Sea (Finistère, France). It is the place of very strong currents, which can reach up to 9 knots locally, and almost 7 knots at mid-tide of vivid waters in all the passage. Navigation is extremely dangerous when the wind is against the current, the sea deepening considerably. It is marked by two of the most famous lighthouses of Britain: the lighthouse of the Mare and lighthouse Kéréon.

I arrive at the port of Ouessant Island, it moves again but it is much quieter than at sea, the captain had to wait a little before being able to approach the dock .. Once landed on the ground I recover quickly my suitcase and I go to the hotel to drop my things and take a shower !!!!! Thank you to the hotel "LE FROMVEUR" for their welcome !!

I rent an electric bike to "OUESSANT CYCLES", frankly super nice also these people! I recommend them! Here I am going on a bike trip on the island with a big backpack of gear (11-12kg), a tripod and in another bag a big objective SIGMA 150-600mm Sport that I rented for this roadtrip so not easy to ride correctly or at the speed that I want on the paths of this beautiful island because they are more or less easy to borrow so with all this gear picture I do not tell you !!

I discover timeless landscapes on the side of Kadoran, Kernic and Keller Island at first, totally out of the city life that we find everywhere, in short I understand very quickly that Ouessant the islander I will love him strongly and she will mark me!

I'm quick, a meal at Mac Ludo where the reception is more than fun, it's fast food and the budget is very reasonable. I was able to take some time to chat with the boss (pictures, island etc etc) it was cool!
I'm leaving from another side of the island to Yusin Beach. The sky is blue, the wind so rises the sea is agitated and comes crashing down on the rocks, the waves bloom and give a nice show on the sublime lighthouse of Creac'h.

Barely 30 minutes later the weather is bad, 3h of rain non stop :-( Take shelter, huummm hard hard here!
After the rain comes back the good weather as we say, I take the bike, passes near the bay of Lampaul to join Feunteun Velen near the lighthouse of the Mare where the waves passed over the rocks to crash on the island and yet there must have been a good 10 meters high between the water and the soil of the island but some waves were banging to culminate a few meters above !!
A very white sky, an important short stay not always ideal for photos but the spectacle of nature is so beautiful !!
The belly well full I go on my photographic trips joyfully;)
I am going to the north of Ouessant. Arriving on the spot, I regret not having been here before because it is quite late so the light is already much less pretty, the wind drops and the waves decrease sharply while the landscape is breathtaking! Rocks so hardened by weather and storms, lonely pieces, rock towers measuring 10, 20 or even 30 meters high in equilibrium among the others, AWESOME !!! I see things so incredible that I can not describe them, you have to be there to see it or even believe it! I'm afraid that I really fell in love with this island of Ouessant !!

Then came the sunset with a sky not super great but what a beautiful time again and again ..
Before going back to sleep I decided to go for a simple bike ride in the middle of the island and talking with 2-3 Ouessantins I felt in them the love for their island, the life not necessarily obvious that they have lived through the times and it reinforces me in the idea that this place will remain unforgettable!
Night has fallen, I go near the lighthouse Creac'h to make some pictures of stars but the sky is too cloudy :-( !!
I come home empty-handed with my bike that has no more battery so more assistance with all my equipment and the light of the bike that does not work either so a difficult return because there is no public lighting when we is outside the center of the island and not a car that passes to say to illuminate the road ... I use the light of my phone but after 3 minutes hardly I had more phone battery so zero light I missed finding myself in marsh grass etc, it will still be a good memory :)!

Alala, EUSA, this island, Ushant, will really mark me forever!


Day 5 of my roadtrip and waking up I got in great shape, shower, storage of the suitcase and go for a few hours of photostream before taking the boat, before that I warn "Ouessant cycles" that I do not is 70kms (expected battery life of the bike) and that the bike has more battery and HS light, he told me not to move and he brings me a bike in 5-10 minutes :)! ! GREAT !!
In addition, he proposes to take my suitcase, keep it and bring it back to the boat at the end of the day, TOP :) !!!!!!!!

Here I am, I decide to return to Feunteun Velen where I had the cons-day and the sky very white the day before ... The weather is a little gloomy but calm so I take pictures including the lighthouse of the Mare, the lighthouse of Nividic .. I will now take pictures on the tip of Pern where really it feels like being on another planet! Yesterday I really should have gone to this place before! I think it will remain my only regret ... Finally until I come back on Ouessant;) !!

It's time to ride the bike at the stand near the port, pick up my suitcase and board for the return to the mainland.
I take place outside the boat on the way, much less wind, it shakes the course of the FROMVEUR course but otherwise the rest of the crossing is not comparable with the day before ... Suddenly I hear two couples behind me saying that they had spent three extraordinary days but that they were seasick and a crew member talking to them said "thankfully you were not there yesterday morning because there was a coefficient of 117, winds over 80Km / h we took waves of 4-5 meters with a lot of current it was much sportier than there ... .. "At that moment, in my head I am saying "OK I understand better why the going had been so difficult for everyone !!!"

Back on dry land, at the port of Conquet, I take some pictures of the lighthouse Kermorvan and then I go to the Pointe St Mathieu but again it's the rain that wins :-(!

I took the road back to Porspoder. I found my comfortable little bed in the car .. On the other hand it was a busy street and just before falling asleep I hear footsteps like heels and street shoes in the street and I heard more that a person walking, raising my head to the edge of the tinted window of the trunk I see in addition a white light that advances and sways up and down, I suddenly afraid that it is gendarmes having I learned of my presence by people living in this unenlightened street and coming to dislodge me ................ They are a few steps away from me, my heart beats very quickly and then the noise passes, I look through the tinted window and I realize that they are two young men in street shoes accompanied by a young woman with heels who light up with their mobile phone lights !!! So I can rest easy.

I invite you to view the photos of the island of Ouessant by clicking on the following link: My pictures of Ushant Island ( Ouessant )


I wake up early this morning to go for a walk near the lighthouse at Porspoder.
At the edge of the coast there are many small wild paths very nice, the ride is really nice, the weather is not great but it's still going, after 2 hours a big downpour arrives by the sea, I take the opportunity for some photos before leaving to go to request access to a shower at a local campsite.

Porspoder is located on the western coast of the Pays de Léon, on the banks of the Mer d'Iroise. It has in particular on its territory the Saint-Laurent peninsula, off which is the Lighthouse du Four.

The shower ended, here I am again for a new destination, it will be Cape Frehel and Fort La Latte, a really nice weather and nature in the wild, what more!

Then I take the road to the island and Vilaine to reach St Malo, this city that I love so much! I already know this city and I feel so good!
A nice walk on the ramparts of the city and I enjoy a nice view of Cape Frehel on the horizon for the sunset.
I eat in a pizzeria and find a place to sleep in a nice residential area.

I invite you to view the photos of Porspoder, Cape Frehel and St Malo by clicking on the following link: My landscapes photography


Just wake up, I go to the local pool to take a shower, uh swim, finally you understand ^^ to go to the assault on St Malo. Like the night before, I go through the top of the ramparts and realize that there is wind and that the sea (tide almost high) looks a little agitated ... I arrive at the beach of Bon Secours and looking away I see that the waves start to jump gently over the dike of the beach furrow! I accelerate the pace and I take pleasure to make photos while the waves come to burst on the dyke throwing the water, sometimes, to 10-15 meters of height, it is really impressive to see !! The high tides of St Malo are incredible shows of nature!

The fatigue of the week wins me, the lack of the family, I decided to leave a little earlier than expected because I still have a destination to go, the cliffs of Etretat in Normandy.
So I take the road but once in Etretat fatigue is always present and the weather quite pale did not want me, so I stayed on the ground along the beach to make some pictures but I did not climb to the top of cliffs this time.

I invite you to view the photos of the cliffs of Etretat taken that day and at other times by clicking on the following link: Normandy-le-mont-st-michel-Etretat-honfleur.html
You can see The Cliff of Aval / L'Arche and the Aiguille / The Manneporte / The Cliff of Amont, etc.

After a while, it's time to sit in the pebbles facing the waves to make a small assessment! I tell myself that I will come back to many of these places that I just visited these last days because I saw totally incredible places, had really love at first sight but the weather was not in my favor :-(

So I take the road to find my little loulous and darling that I love! Moreover, I take this opportunity to tell him that I thank her very much for letting me live my passion and realize my photo projects! After 3 hours drive I go home where the family sleeps deeply, I unload the car, go to sleep and in the morning my little darlings came to jump on me for the awakening, a little hard hard with accumulated fatigue but it is a moment of happiness, shouting and laughter as I like !!

And as you ask me regularly enough I allow you to specify information, yes the photos you see are available for sale. Think about decorating your home, office, waiting room or making a loved one happy;)
Contact me via the "CONTACT" tab of my website to get the price of enlargements on canvases or posters framed or to supervise, American box, etc.

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See you soon for new adventures;) !!!!!! :)