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Why make a photo book ?

We all have hundreds of thousands of pictures in our computers ... But are you looking at them? Little or almost never ... So here is the main interest of a photo book : WATCH MORE OFTEN AND MORE EASILY YOUR PHOTOS ;) !
This product combines the charm of photos on paper and this practical side of being able to leave it to view to view it, a book is pleasant to look at and often easier to access!

A book serves to keep the memories of important moments of his life so it is very precious and if this book has a class side being original then it is even better!
You will be able to share emotions thanks to your photo book.
Even if you have a good memory keep in mind that photos are the only reflection of your memories ...

Your grandparents have certainly given you family photos or you have spent Sundays looking at family photo albums to see your parents when they were young or you are doing something wrong with your big brother when you were 5 years old for example ...
These moments are important and they must be perpetrated. Printed photos or books are the only 100% sure ways for future generations (a bit like you with the album at your grandparents' house when you were little) to know the whole family and how she lived.

With, you can share these moments of magic of your life with your half, your relatives, friends or colleagues ... You can trace your wedding day and why not some pictures of your honeymoon at the end or your photo shoot " Trash The Dress " or make a jumble of your different photo shoots ...

Imagine yourself ... Comfortably in your sofa surrounded by your loved ones rediscovering all these wonderful memories of a wedding, a Christmas Eve, your holidays, etc.
You can also make a book or a booklet for the birth of your child by tracing (or not) your pregnancy, a birthday, a baptism, etc.
By contrast, you see, with all these themes, a single album will not be enough;)

You can also offer a photo book of your wedding to your parents, grandparents or witnesses ...
On the other hand beware, many websites offer photo books but the quality of the paper very often leaves to be desired unfortunately :-(
Beware of discount rates or offers too regular at -50% etc !! ;)

You want to have a photo book of your wedding, your vacation, your last Christmas Eve or your last shootings photos, so do not wait, start sorting your photos and then contact me for a quote, even if I did not make these pictures.

Know that I only realize photo books with pages made with real photo paper quality, quality to the touch but also to the eye, solid and design.
I create with dedicated software and it is a professional laboratory that takes care of printing.

I let you select the pictures to put in this book and then it's me who created it.
I prefer it to be your selection because it is necessary that the book corresponds to you 100%, if it is me who chooses the photos it will miss perhaps one or more photos that you would have wanted at all prices to have in it ;)

If you want me to make a photo book for you, contact me to get the prices of the books but especially to know the cost of shipping costs !

Looking Forward :)
Willy LABOULLE Photographer