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Buy your first SLR photos camera

You want to buy a camera a bit more advanced than a compact or begin photography and you tell why not a SLR, but which, what price etc etc ...... I am often asked which camera to buy or what is the best between this or that one etc ... It's often embarrassing because there is no real good answer, if I ask you if you prefer a butter croissant or a chocolate bread you will all give me a different answer and finally neither of the two solutions will not be the good one since it will depend on the tastes of each one ... And well in picture it is the same so I will try to help you thanks to this article ;)

I will not show you all the cameras that exist, I will go to the simplest.
First of all know that 18Mpixels is not better than 12Mpixels they are false good ideas ... Unless you want to make very very large enlargements ... But in the beginning it would surprise me ;) It's not your fault, society current wants that "the more one has and it is better" but in fact not in this case!
Same if you are thinking of buying a SLR because it will make more beautiful pictures than your compact and not necessarily because if you buy a SLR but you use it in "Automatic Mode" you will do almost the same pictures as with your camera compact but you will have spent a lot more money ..

What budget ?

So sincerely, do not go on high-priced devices because they are very complicated to use. You will not use it properly and conclusion you will be disgusted by the photo and the expense will be used for nothing!
After that do not necessarily choose the cheapest because in all cases know that buying a SLR is a major expense and all there is around do not talk about it ... It's a passion very expensive ..

Do not spend a fortune on this first purchase because the practice of photography takes a lot of time, is very demanding, really requires a lot of work so if you do not like it finally it would be a pity to have lost so much money ..
With a mid-range device, 800 to 1200 € you will already need a few years before really going to the end of its capabilities;)

What brand ?

The main you may know them: Canon and Nikon. There are of course other brands like Sony, Olympus or Pentax that do very good things but for accessories and other objectives you will find many more products in its two major brands or in compatible brands such as Sigma, Tamron etc. .

Between these two brands there are almost identical products so the choice for Canon or Nikon will not be an error in all cases.

The additional advice that I can give you and which, I hope, will really help you is to go to a specialized store or even some department stores, having previously identified two models of each brand, and ask to take them in hand and there touching them, seeing where are placed buttons, menus etc it is likely that one of the two brands seems more logical in its design but it's really the order of the staff so the displacement is obligatory because we know that each one has its own logic ;)

Options or features

A SLR is lucky to be able to offer a lot of functions and so depending on what you want to do in photo you can guide your choices by going to your essential criteria (very fast burst, adjustable screen, WiFi, GPS, ...).
Now frankly beware ... The arms race is useless, WIFI, GPS, I do not know how many megapixels, steerable screen, a lot of collimators, ISO sensitivity to 12,400 etc. OK SUPER but do you really need it ??

Attention, after spotting a camera you will certainly go on Google then type "Camera test model" and there you will read "this function is essential today" etc and no it's marketing, refocus the something about your needs ... Pictures of your children walking, sports photos, photos of parties in dark corners ... Depending on these needs the device will not be at all the same !

What camera lens ?

On a camera you will need to put a lens in order to take pictures, it's a bit like if the camera was the body and the lens was the eyes ;)
You can buy a kit that includes both or buy separately. Obviously buying a kit that includes a device and a lens will be more advantageous financially and even if in kits they do not necessarily put the high-end but you can have very good products all the same and then once you have that you be ready for your first photo releases !
The kits often include a 18-55mm lens that is not fabulous in terms of quality but that allows you to learn a lot of things !

The goal is essential to get beautiful images, a very high-end case with a low-end lens as much to say that it is useless at all. Personally I will even advise to buy an entry-level camera with a good objective, the rendering will be better and then the objective will follow you again if you evolve and you change the case in the future !

On the other hand, know that you do not have to buy lenses of the brand of the device, there are goals compatible brands much cheaper and often very effective!
To understand a little more what a zoom and what can be done, know that with :

- A focal length of 10 to 24mm we say that it is a wide angle, in other words you can take pictures of very wide shots (landscapes for example) even with sometimes very little perspective.

- A focal length of 24 to 70mm we speak of standard zoom (without the word being pejorative, far from it, so we can make pictures of fairly wide shots (with less deformation than on a wide angle) and we can start take pictures of subjects a bit distant.

- A focal length of 70mm to 600mm (or more) we can not take pictures of wide shots, on the other hand if the subject is distant, or even very far we can zoom in to get "closer" to the subject we want to take in Photo.

- A fixed focal length of 50mm there is no possibility to zoom, it's up to you to move to take the picture with the composition you want to include, confusing at first but an excellent learning!

What range of cameras ?

There is the entry-level, mid-range and high-end ... You start so we will not talk about the 3rd category
The entry level, from 400 to 800 €, is intended for people with no experience, perhaps a few photos from time to time with a compact camera or with the mobile phone ....
The mid-range, 800 to 1200 €, is more suitable for people who have already done a lot of photos with a compact or a smartphone, who look a little different modes of their current camera or who can spot when the light outside is conducive or not to make beautiful images ..

Location ?

Some specialized shops or even websites propose the renting of material photos, why not rent a weekend and see if it can please you ..

From the occasion, why not ?

We can do great business but CAUTION KEEP GUARD ... Buy preferably a material still under warranty, if a problem happens quickly hop you drop it in SAV and in principle everything goes well ... Look at the external state that will already show if the object has little used or if he lived many adventures while the salesman promises you that it served only 3-4 times!
Check that there is no scratch on the screen, or the lens of the optics, well in short it must look perfect!

But that's not all, check the quality of what it will give when you go to take photos, how ...? Ask the seller to take a low-aperture picture (f14 for example) and look in detail at the picture via the camera screen or PC if possible to see if the sensor does not have tasks ... Otherwise it can cost you a cleaning by an approved shop so a cost to predict and negotiate or sometimes the problem can even be more serious so ...

Through a PC, download the app "APT" to check the number of photos that has already been made with the device, if the seller has told you that it has only served 3 times and he has 90 000 shots on the counter euuuhh ... and then ditto you will easily find on the internet the number of shots for which the camera is planned, it allows you to see a little where it is in its lifespan ..

Personally I have already bought several times the opportunity through for example and it is near my home on Arras Paris or Lille and even by mail through France and well I have not been disappointed but you have to be careful, very careful!

To conclude, sincerely do not pack for a first purchase, we made beautiful pictures with the entry level, a high-end camera will not make you immediately a very good or a better photographer! Do not invest millions, train with the entry-level, progress and if after a few years it goes well resell to renew by buying more evolved;)
After if you finally say that you are not made to have a DSLR look what is done on the hybrid devices side (as a compact on which you can change lenses) or on the side of the compact experts (on which you can choose your technical settings) it is the ideal alternative if you do not want to be too crowded with a SLR ...

Ah precisely, Reflex, compact, hybrid or bridge : what differences?
To answer it, I invite you to read my article by clicking here -> DSLR cameras, compact, bridge, hybrids: What differences ?

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