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-> Where is my signature (logo) on the photos you order ?

You are currently looking at my website or you just visited it and you ask yourself "Why did he put his signature often in the middle of his photos?
Sometimes even totally across the wedding photos for example and so "we do not really see the picture, it's a shame"

When selling a photo ( landscape / portrait / wedding ), the signature is always affixed at the bottom right and discreetly.

Regarding photos of portraits and weddings or the signature filled the whole photo across the explanation is simple ... Some people have no ideas or imagination and prefer to steal those of others ...
And I do not want people to steal pictures of portraits or weddings so the signature across allows me to be protected.
Last reason, you will also find this signature all across the galleries private wedding photos because these photos are for sale and it is also a way to survive my business so when I see people make screenshots of these photos and put them on their profiles Facebook or other not to buy them and besides without warning me or ask for the agreement is very annoying so with this signature across even if people capture the photo they can not l print and if they use it on their social networks my name will appear, it is the least of things!

If you have questions, suggestions or others, do not hesitate to write to me via the tab "CONTACT" ;)

Looking forward :)
Willy LABOULLE Photographer