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-> You can not connect to a private album, yet you have the login and password, how ?

You have been to a wedding (or other event) and you had a little paper inviting you to look at the photos in the following weeks ...

You have noted your username and password but you can not log in ...


1] Here is a solution that will solve three quarters of the problems of access to private albums


If you clicked on the top right of my website on "CONNECTION" you made a mistake, at this point, it is the customer area to buy photos, follow a command or others ..


In your case, you must click on the tab concerned (example: "Weddings") then on the album you want to visit and then you will have a page asking for your username + password.

The username and password is unique to the protected album you want to visit.

Each album has its own login and password.

On some albums I assign a login and password per user.


Normally the exact path is indicated on the paper that you had on the day of the event or on the internet publication (Facebook or other) of my client or on the mail that you received from your couple of friends married for example.

To see the wedding photos of your colleague or your couple of friends, please go to and go to the "Weddings" section / "YOUR Wedding Photo Gallery"

Then just choose the photo album in the name of the couple "Marriage of .............. and ...............".

2] Problem with entering


Be sure to respect the lowercase or uppercase letters and numbers indicated on the paper that you have or on the internet publication that you have seen.

In addition, on some phones for example, as soon as you position yourself in a box the first letter is capitalized automatically, so you must return to lower case if the identifier obviously has a lowercase first ... Be careful because once the identifier entered when you go in the box password it will give you a capital letter in first letter ...

- The photos of the wedding are visible on my website privatized access about 4 weeks after the wedding.
- The photos are visible for about 2 months and then the gallery is deleted because when there are too many photo albums it slowed the site generally.

- The photo gallery is created only after giving the photos to the bride and groom as they must see the photos first ;)
So do not be surprised if after 4 weeks you do not see the photo gallery of your favorite couple it's just that we have not yet managed to find a slot available to return the photos.

If you encounter other problems, contact me :)

In addition, when shopping on my website if you have any questions, need advice, click on the "Contact" tab and send me a message.

Looking forward :)
Willy LABOULLE Photographer