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-> Have you written to me and have no answer to your request ?

You write to me often to ask me for a photo quote of your wedding, for information on shootings portraits or to have a tip before buying one of my landscape photos but a few days after sending me this message you do not see no answer from me..... :-(

I usually answer within 48 to 72 hours. The delay may be a little longer if I went to take pictures abroad for example, if I'm on vacation or even in the middle of wedding season (4-5 days maximum).

However you do not see my answer to your email .. Know that my email will not necessarily happen immediately in your "BOX RECEPTION". I invite you to check the "SPAMS" or "UNRESIRABLE MAIL" section of your mailbox.
Indeed my first email landed often in this section because it is an email from a professional address and in fact the general messengers often block this kind of email addresses in case it would be advertising or mail containing a virus. If from the first mail I note you an internet link or if I add a document in my email then there is sure that it will be blocked in this section by your mail.

It is very good to be protected, must be recognized, but in the meantime you thought maybe I did not want to answer you or that I did not bother :-( is not at all the case.
You know, I've had experience several times, people ask me for a wedding quote or a picture of a landscape and then a few months later they write to me saying "Sorry we took contact with other people because we had not seen your answer that was automatically directed in our SPAMS " :-(

My name of recipient displays " Photographe ", as soon as you find my mail it will be necessary to open it and to validate it by clicking on "This is not junk mail" or any other way that it will move in your box reception and normally hopefully the following emails that I will send you will arrive directly, in the right place, in your messages received :)

Now that you have seen my email you can answer it quietly.

Do not forget that the quote for a photo report of your wedding in the Hauts de France (be it Arras Bapaume Douai Berck The Touquet Lens Cambrai Côte d'Opale etc) is free as the advice before ordering a landscape photo ( Arras Paris La Défense Corsica Brittany Saint Malo Mont Saint Michel Opal Coast Iceland etc )

Looking forward :)
Willy LABOULLE Photographer