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[Shopping photos out of French territory, contact me before registering your order to check the shipping costs]


-> How to buy the photos on the site ?

You reside outside France and you wish to order one or more photos (on canvas or posters), how to do?

First of all, contact me before registering your order to check the shipping costs…

To answer you, yes my photos are actually available for sale.. Then, how to buy them, I'll answer immediately.
Above all, if you have any questions or need a tip do not hesitate to write to me by clicking on the Contact tab of my website. I usually answer within 72 hours to 5 days maximum, if you do not see my answer, check the "SPAMS" or "UNRESIRABLE MAIL" of your mailbox ;)

To go back to the main subject of this article, buy photos on canvas or poster framed or on alu-dibond and all that it is with or without American box to sublimate your decoration with photos that you will not see everywhere because it is a production unit and well it's quite simple.

1) Find the photo (s) you like
- Either by noting the name of the album and the number of the photo (which appears under this one).
- Either taking a screenshot that you will send me.
- By taking a picture of your computer screen (picture you send me).

2) Contact me (via the "Contact" tab of my site or by phone) to obtain the rates according to the support and the format.

3) I answer you by sending you the documentation containing all the tariffs and explanations and it is at this precise moment that you will have the possibility, to send me your screenshot. Following this, we validate together the elements of the order.

4) You send me a check or bank transfer.

5) After the receipt of the payment you receive your order with the invoice within 21 days (approximately).

Remember to offer unique photos that you will not find in supermarkets or why not give a gift to a loved one with a photo that he would like to hang in his house, his office, his restaurant, his waiting room or even his cottage or his bed and breakfast !!

The photos you buy on my website are made individually and are the result of very many hours of work ! ;)
By the way I take the opportunity to answer a question that a customer asked me one day, why the prices are higher than at IKEA ALINEA LEROY MERLIN CASTORAMA etc ??
Know that with the price of manufacturing products, charges etc to deduct it are only between 20 and 30% of the price paid that I return for all the work done.
For more info, I invite you to read this article : Why photos are more expensive than supermarkets ?

Good ride on my website, I hope that what I achieve with the heart will please you.
Looking forward :)
- Willy LABOULLE Photographer -