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-> Why are the prices for prints, enlargements, canvases, photos plexi etc., are higher than on the websites and on the automatic terminals of the supermarkets or in the decoration stores (Leroy Merlin Ikea) ?

The selling price of a photo is divided into three parts.
The first and foremost is that this price includes the work of the photographer, the experience, the job, the quality of work, the time spent on the computer to process the photos, the administrative and accounting work and therefore represents the profit recovered for this job that takes an incredible number of hours (20 to maximum 30% of the amount you paid).
I must also take into account in my calculations the depreciation of equipment (8 to 10 000 €) including at least 2,000 to 3,000 € of renewal every year.

The second reason is the purchase price for me, what it costs me to make the enlargement, the canvas or the product you order me because having quality products has a price (just over 30% of price).
You really have to take into account the quality of the paper or canvas, I work with quality laboratories and not labs that make the industrial excess.

The third part of the total amount of a product consists of social charges as contributions to be returned to the State (URSSAF / Taxes, etc.), under my status this represents a little over 30% of the total amount of a product.
In addition, the platform I use for the e-Commerce part is paid on my sales.

Automatic terminals in supermarkets, etc, is good because, in fact, it is much cheaper but the paper is not good quality and then the prices are low because they have thousands of machines in thousands of shopping malls or shops.
The websites of photo prints are also cheaper but necessarily they produce millions of photos which reduces the final purchase cost for you but it is of the "quality" industrial, they do not seek the true quality but the yield and therefore the maximum benefit! Yield and maximum benefits never go with quality.

It is also necessary to take into account the cost of the trips made by my own means to realize certain images and sometimes several times in the same place in order to have the wished weather for a single wanted photo ( Brittany / Southwest / Alps / Corsica / Iceland and soon other foreign countries like Norway ...).

What you pay is a whole, a service, an author work in its entirety.
What you buy are unique images .. You will not find them in all your friends because they are not on sale in supermarkets such as Leroy Merlin Ikea Alinea etc.

When shopping on my website if you have any questions, need advice, click on the "Contact" tab and send me a message.

Looking forward :)
Willy LABOULLE Photographer