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You are getting married soon, then you are looking for a photographer and maybe you get lost in this jungle providers, true, false, or completely insane prices discounts .. Looking for the best .. How be sure it will not give up just before the wedding .. etc! So many questions! These are questions you can ask your photographer at the appointment face to face in order to have the most direct answers. There is much to read but it's so important!

| ► The first key question to ask ... Are you available the ...?

■ Are you available on the date of our marriage? paramount issue to the photographer check his availability. If it is not available it will tell you immediately, you will avoid wasting time in all your preparations.
Generally it is best to take them at least a year in advance.

| ► Call a pro or not ??

■ now digital has taken such a place that prices have democratized. Indeed, for about 500 €, everyone now has the opportunity to buy an SLR pictures.
While some assume "Ah your device it makes beautiful pictures" well that's bad start because it is not the camera that makes the picture but the photographer.
Then a device 500 € can make beautiful pictures if you actually know how to use but if there are reflex 3 or € 6,000, it's probably better than they are 500 ...
Yes, Uncle said he had to buy you a superb reflex with a nice kit lens and it might do the trick ... yes .... but:
Does he use his new device correctly or will he do everything in fully automatic mode? Did he experience? And if their device fails?
Will he handle difficult lighting conditions (Church hall ..)?

■ If the person says that it is professional, is it really a declared professional?
It's easy to have a beautiful website with beautiful pictures ... But he has a valid SIRET? (INSEE website or to check)
Controls output of town hall and church, it exists ... it would be unfortunate if the delivery of your false phtographe stops there and you can risk a clandestine work of complicity.
And what if your photographer is false defaulting on its commitments? Little recourse. And if an accident occurs because of him ... in the absence of insurance is you who will be questioned.

| ► Your budget ?? And yes, it is also the name of the game ..

■ First of all, set the budget that you can give to the image, depending on your overall budget, and your priorities.
■ Today in France, for a full day, count between 1,000 and € 2,000 on average for the provision of a professional photographer, there are less expensive but also more. This estimate obviously varies depending on what is in the package (number of prints, enlargements or not, photo book or not, etc).

| ► What materials will he use ??

■ Cover a wedding reportage with material in a single copy is totally crazy and you really have to be aware.
Having a single camera is irresponsible or disrespectful vis-a-vis you. A camera is like a car or a computer, it also fails while you imagine that happening that day, how ...
■ If he tells you he has only one device (regardless of brand) is that it is certainly not specialized in wedding photo. That does not mean he will not beautiful pictures, but simply that it is not prepared for any eventualities.
Having two devices is minimal and multiple objectives, several flashes, numerous batteries and memory cards which allow to assume the risk material.

| ► How will this be done in low light conditions ?? (A church for example)

■ Ask your photographer if he is equipped to take photos in conditions of low light.
Indeed, the Church, for example, is a place of very low light, it is extremely difficult conditions of shooting .. The complexity of these photos must mean to possess solid experience of this practice and adapted material .

■ If the photographer meets you more than it light lenses (or openness) can be reassured already. This means that this person is aware of the difficulties of the exercise and is equipped accordingly. It is also possible that the same person responds that his device withstands the increased ISO: it is also a good sign, it means that your photographer has material adapted to these extreme conditions shooting.

■ While all this demand from the photographer a financial investment, between 1500 and € 3,000 per goal of this type but that's what allows it to work properly and give you quality images.
Given these numerous investments in hardware, you will then understand that its benefits will not be in the order of € 400 for the full day ...

| ► What price?

■ In principle, for a wedding photo coverage throughout the day, it takes between € 1,000 & € 2 000.

■ The price may seem high in absolute terms but is entirely justified when one takes into account all the parameters necessary for quality photographs:

- The status of your photographer: if auto entrepreneur he pays 27% of his winnings to the state supported. When he charges you € 1000, it still has in fact € 730 and after it spends an average of € 200 for all that is album book, prints etc totaling about 50% of the total.
If it is professional or micro business, expenses and taxes can go up to 50%.

- His equipment: a new professional case is between 2,000 and € 6,000. A large aperture lens costs between 1 000 and 2 000 €. A quality flash is approximately € 300. If your photographer is equipped for dealing with the situations mentioned above, it will have invested at least € 5,000 in its equipment and more if it has all doubles.

- Time spent several hours would do to sort and then the processing time pictures. On a reportage wedding day, it is not uncommon to have a minimum of 700 pictures to be processed. This takes time, between 30 seconds and several minutes some pictures to others, or several tens of hours in the end!

- Depreciation and equipment renewal must also be taken into account.

| ► Your photographer working in JPEG or RAW (pronounced Roooh)?

At the appointment with your photographer, ask him if he works in JPEG or RAW (pronounced Rooh).

■ The raw format is used by professional photographers to record their shooting without loss of quality. JPEG (used especially on compact) is already an interpretation by the picture box that is compressed and can present information loss and therefore, a decline in quality. The RAW format can be compared to a negative but in digital form.

■ In addition, RAW means that your photographer will have to work your images in post processing; The development digitally. This means that your photographer will spend time, time your shots to get the best possible result.

■ If your photographer answers that you do not work in RAW, this is not disqualifying but we can interpret this as a lack of professionalism.

| ► What kind of case he uses?

APS-C or full-frame?
■ APS-C format sensor is found on the big DSLR public and all compact cameras. Quality well below "full size" sensors that equip professional SLR.
■ The value of asking this question is not so much to know the quality of the casing of your photographer but simply to verify if he is aware himself of the equipment he uses.

| ► How secure you the photos you take?

■ It has normally memory cards of a brand recognized for its reliability. If he buys her cards on a discount site or in a store markdowns watch .. A 32GB memory that can quickly work (reading and writing) and reliable cost about 100 € each.

■ In addition, there are cameras that have two card slots: So from shooting the image is recorded on both cards simultaneously. Therefore, if a grid map, photos are still stored on the other.

■ As soon as the photographer returns home, he has to save photos taken on at least two supports.

Wedding photos, whether in the photographer's equipment as in how to work it's definitely reduce the risk of failures!

| ► Agreement or not?

■ YES, necessarily. This is a safety for you, everything must be in the contract.
■ Do not hesitate to ask if overtime is paid .... Being a photographer is a passion but also a trade. You have to respect his schedule! Put yourself in his place, if your boss asks you to do 2 hours extra per day ...

| ► Does Will this photographer D-Day?

■ Attention there are photographers who sign more contracts for the same date and that subcontract with other photographers !! Information of the utmost importance!
 You may have bad surprises !!! Especially since you chose this person because you loved his work so if it is to finally have the work of another ...

| ► Why the prices of prints, enlargements, etc., are high as + on websites and on vending terminals supermarkets?

■ The main reason is that this price included the photographer's work, experience, occupation, work quality, time spent on the computer to process the photos, equipment depreciation ...

■ So cheaper YES ... But what is the lifespan of a photo 0.10 € and an album of 50 pages to 30 €? The life is simply proportional to the price. The colors of pictures will pass with time, the album will wear very quickly to the point of no longer being presentable.
■ The paper quality will not be the same with a professional laboratory!

■ It is also, in some cases, taking into account shipping costs, (5 to 30 € depending on the format).

■ The Websites photo prints produce millions of pictures which reduces the final purchase cost to you but it is industrial grade, they do not seek quality but the yield and therefore the maximum benefit!
Performance and profits never synonymous with quality.

| ► Introduce yourself photos on the same day (for us, sale to guests, projection video editing)?

If you answered "YES": Run away !!! If it's not already there ...

■ Meanwhile, he surely missed things to take pictures .. One can imagine that the financial interest of a sale on the same night is more important to him than the realization of the report.

| ► We would like photos in unlimited

■ It will not surprise you if we tell you that in a marriage (full), the photographer exceeds thousand pictures, although after the selection, editing and retouching, you do may not receive more than 700. It is essential to talk with the photographer in the number of shots that you should expect.

■ If you are offered 4 000 photos of your wedding, is it? inflating the attention of many photos !! There are those who, for one photo, you will give color + black and white + sepia (= 3 pictures for a single shot) .. And then there are others who make burst picture! !
■ There is no ideal number of photos. Let's say that 40 to 50 photos per story time (one photo per minute) is a medium that gives you an idea.

| ► Can I see the photo books to see the paper made of your work and the proposed book formats?

■ The photographer must show you pictures on computer but must have other media to make you see (enlargements, albums books, prints, photos on PC).
■ This is something to consider in your photographer of choice because it is often the media that you will stay and you will present later to your guests, your children, your grandchildren, your rear ...

| ► Agency, Wedding Planner or freelance photographer?

■ The agency is structured with a "commercial" which aims to bring marriage to the agency. The marriage is then given to a photographer who will be available for your wedding date. Your contact person will be the "commercial" until your wedding day you discover the photographer.

■ The wedding planner is a specialized event organizer in marriage. It is your sole contact and will be responsible for providing all providers needed to achieve your wedding (room, DJ, photographer ...). According to wedding planner, you can meet your photographer.

■ The independent photographer will be the day of your wedding. The one you contact during your research, you will see appointment and the wedding day will be the same.

| ► Trust / feeling ...

■ Apart from these technical elements, rates, etc there are other things to consider in the balance. In fact, make sure you have a good feeling with your photographer, you have to be comfortable with him. It will be rather close to you throughout the day so long as the current flows smoothly;)

■ The photographer must be available, discreet and professional. They need to know your trust, value and do not bother you.
A good relationship with you and also your guests will make photos full of happiness !!

You are ready to choose the right person, take the right contacts and it only remains to get married :)